Friday, February 19, 2016

Natural law over spiritual forms: theological materialism stays in nature

Theological materialism (TM) shares that old reverence for nature, seen more in the old Mongoloid-Taoist worldview (shared by native American Indians), even though they too end up dividing the world into the material and the spiritual, as did the Vedas and the Bible. TM does not. Western science also stays in nature. Godhood is in nature, evolved to in nature, and seen as the zenith of nature in the sense of Godhood as the zenith of material/supermaterial evolution.

The “Forms” of Plato are better defined as natural laws. The religious “detachment” defined as being in accord with the forms, as in the revealed religions, or as in the Bhagavad Gita, is detachment into a non-material spiritual world. TM defines detachment as acceptance of the natural laws---accepting ones fate means accepting natural material laws. “Spiritual” forms are or should be secondary definitions of natural laws.

But natural laws existing within human nature allow for some freedom within the determinism, due mainly to the brain power of humans. Here one needs to be aware of the bias or outright lies that can enter into all definitions due to those very natural laws which demand survival and reproductive success, which can lead to lies.

Human nature has been difficult to define over human history, but science and cultural tradition have gradually defined human nature. And it is from this general definition of human nature that the real “forms” or natural laws for human beings can be seen, with which we should try to follow, in a detached way or not in a detached way. The evolutionary sciences have actually strengthened many of the old traditional definitions of human nature.

In every human culture ever studied, human nature included kin-selection preferences, incest taboos, marriage, hierarchy, division of labor, gender differentiation, localism, ethnocentrism, and group-selection as the main unit of selection. If culture proposes to not include these things, the culture does not last long and it will always return to these things. These things also happen to be at the core of conservatism and tradition, whereas many of these traits are missing in, say, communism and post-modernism.

“Life” is better described with the term will-spirit-to-Godhood. This will within nature, which is material, but still not well understood, must work with nature, with evolution and natural selection. This defines the sacred goal for human beings, and for all life, which does not reject the world by defining God outside of nature. How tragic (evil?) to have rejected the very vehicle of material/supermaterial evolution to attain real Godhood.
Finally, it is not the the spiritual blockade of evolution to Godhood alone that is wrong, this Inward Path to the symbolic experience of God or Father Within can be included but is transformed in the Outward Path of evolution to real Godhood, as described in the Twofold Path.

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