Monday, February 15, 2016

The painful primaries

Hillary Clinton's brand of feminism does not allow her to accept well meaning criticism, even from her supporters, about shouting into microphones which don't require shouting---"men shout so why can't women?”---when it is really genderless advice on voice pitch, which could actually help her cause.

This cluelessness relates to the whole condescending, holier-than-thou, 1960's fantasy socialism of the Clinton's. The Clinton's sneer at any criticism of their Hippie cultural Marxism as being a “right wing conspiracy.” The same attitude is applied when Bill's 1960's-type randy sexuality is mentioned. And their adult and married daughter, who they seem to be grooming for a political career, is even more insufferable. Bernie Sanders actually better represents the Clinton's 1960's socialism than they do.

But the Republicans are not much better. They all claim to be conservative when they are really neoconservatives or neoliberals who want to destabilize the world by bombing the hell out of everyone to make the world safe for global vandalism. Who is more condescending and insufferable than Ted Cruz? Even Donald Trump with his loudmouth egoism is a pain. But at least he does not seem to be controlled by the lobbyist who control the other candidates, and his political instincts seem to be healthy. But Trump's business connections remain a mystery.

What a pain they all are.

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