Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Theological materialism/theological spiritualism

For me the biggest division in religion and philosophy is better explained as the division between real objects and the definitions of real objects, and not between the spiritual and material.

Humans, especially intellectuals, seem to have an obsessive/compulsive need to define, intellectualize and mathematicize actual objects.

This has driven us away from reality and into unreality.

Religions tend to worship definitions, symbols, ideas, and not living objects, which they usually condemn for being material and not spiritual. Most philosophers also worship definitions, symbols, and ideas.

Ideas and symbols come later and are secondary to real objects, not primary. We need a culture that prefers reality and real living objects.

Even if symbols forecast or predict future reality as hypothesis---think of String Theory---they are not validated until they define actual objects---and symbols should not be worshiped even if they are validated in objects.
In the Twofold Path, theological spiritualism is seen as the secondary, involutionary, symbolic experience of the God or Father Within, which is not rejected but transformed in the primary evolutionary path which evolves material life toward the zenith of the object, or objects, of real supermaterial Godhood.

We need to unblock these Great Spiritual Blockades against reality in religion and philosophy. But this need not destroy religion. Theological materialism and the Twofold Path can bring religion and philosophy back to reality.

Science can actually join religion and philosophy, which can then relate to political philosophy.

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