Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Heart or the Head?

Politics is a complicated maze of instincts and reason, and Hollywood actors---who are looking more and more like arrested-development teenagers---claim to be speaking from the heart not the head. But speaking from the heart usually means speaking from emotions and instincts that are primarily genetically based (although reason is too), and modern liberals don't like to acknowledge anything as being genetically based.

This becomes further complicated when we see that there are gender differences in the instincts and emotions, with women being genetically more nurturing and men more territorial. This can then be reflected in politics where the left tends to be more nurturing and the right territorial.

The philosopher Schopenhauer in his contrary way thought women were intellectual and men emotional, but he thought that the emotional Will was the inner being and intellect was secondary.

Political "isms" are usually the creation of the head more than the heart. My affirmation of an ethnopluralism of ethnostates is based on the idea that an ethnopluralism of ethnostates is more deeply and genetically based. Human nature remains kin-centered and ethnocentric, with group-selection as the primary unit of selection, which naturally calls for ethnostates.

I probably lean more toward male-based, external, territorial politics and female-based, nurturing, internal politics. I wouldn't want to try to take the vote away from women (or Hollywood), and I don't believe in tyrannically fascism, left or right. And I am not anti-reason since I strongly affirm science. So this is a subject difficult to nail down.

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