Wednesday, February 22, 2017

President Trump anti-Semitic? Are Gentiles really that gullible?

Bomb threats at Jewish centers? And this following Trump's slavish obeisance to Netanyahu and Israel during the Trump/Netanyahu press conference? And also after Trump's turn to a bi-polar geopolitical strategy (as predicted here) of the U.S., Israel, and the Sunni states, against an Eastern pole of Russia, Iran, China?

It would not even be brilliant to fake bomb treats against Jewish centers and stories about Trump's anti-Semitism to get out front the more obvious charges of Trump's slavishness to Israel, which would otherwise be predicable. This has caused Trump (who seems clueless to the calumny) to publicly show that he is not anti-Semitic---and he is not---which causes more anti-Semitism that can also be exploited and controlled.

Are Gentiles really this gullible? These are easy magician tricks, to distract with the right hand so that we don't see the tricks of the left hand. And it seems to be working. But it does require chutzpah and Big Media power.

It's enough to make a person anti-Semitic. I think of my Viking ancestors who would not waste time trying to untie this Gordian Knot of dirty tricks but would cut the cord with one swipe of a sword...Wait, that would be the hope of the dirty tricks.

This would be funny if it weren't so dangerous. Europeans can be thrown in jail for even asking these questions.  I am not anti-Semitic, I am a conservative America patriot, and I think the Jews have a natural right to advance themselves, but they are wrong if they try to do it by destroying other groups from advancing themselves. It always comes back to bite them, so it really is not a good long-term strategy.

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