Saturday, February 25, 2017

How we can disagree with Spengler and make the American people great again

President Trump isn't a fascist, even though the corrupt Big Media says he is, so Trump has to limp along trying to work with the hedonistic liberals and democrats who block and smear everything he democratically tries to do to transform socially destructive forces into socially constructive forces.

When President Trump and his Attorney General now want to enforce the existing laws against pot smoking, it is not, as the corrupt media calls it, a silly or passe thing to do. Weed was no small part of the decline of American culture, it influenced the laid-back hedonism of the 1960's generation and the me-generation who became postmodern college professors teaching a relativity of laid back values to millennials who don't mind living in their parents basement as long as they have weed to smoke.

The decline of America culture and the American people really began to accelerate in the 1960's when several destructive things came together: postmodernism in the academic world, hedonism promoted by the Big Media, modern liberalism on the left, and libertarianism on the right. I'm not quite willing to call this a conspiracy against the American people any more than I am willing to say it was all due to ignorance, or due to drug czars seeking great wealth---it was some of all of this.

The first person I read who had the knowledge, and the self-sacrificing courage, to challenge Spengler's cyclic view of history was Wilmot Robertson in "The Ethnostate" (1992), where he suggested that we could halt and reverse the decline of America by transforming the socially destructive aspects of ethnic or race competition into developing socially constructive ethnostates. When I write here of transforming the American constitutional separation of powers and states into an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, in harmony with real human nature which remains group-selecting and ethnocentric, it was first inspired by Robertson's courage.

We will have to wait for future leaders to pick up what President Trump leaves undone, as he picked up what Ronald Reagan left undone. But we can continue to counter Spengler and never quit on making the American people great again---and an ethnopluralism of ethnostates is how to do it.

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