Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Deep-conservatism keeps the gods and virtues but they are transformed in theology materialism

To downplay rational forms and affirm the passions and instincts is a Platonic nightmare. Why the fear of material life? Have the priests and philosophers scared you?

It is the instincts and passions of biology that lead to Godhood in material evolution, and reason is the helpmate in this sacred goal.

We have to admit it, Nietzsche was almost right, but his mainly goalless will-to-power missed the sacred goal of reforming traditional Godhood by way of material evolution to supermaterial Godhood.

Yes we can have "hymns to the gods and praises of goodness" in literature and the arts, as Socrates decreed, but the meaning of the gods and good men needs to be transformed, conservatively, in view of the evolution of knowledge since Plato.

We can conservatively retain the old view of God and of the virtues of Buddha, Plato, and Christ, but they need to be seen as the first, symbolic, Inward Path experience of God---reached through strict ascetic discipline---of the real Godhood only reached in the Outward Path of a very material evolution.

If I may change the ode of Keats on the Grecian urn, the Gods and virtue are material and supermaterial and evolved to in the material and supermaterial world, and that is all you know on earth and all you need to know.

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