Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Where are we in the historical cycle of different structures of government?

That tide in the affairs of men which Shakespeare's Brutus talked about could be seen in a recent graph by D. Stiegman in the "Small Wars Journal," which shows Autocracy followed by a Republic, then Democracy, Anarchy, and back to Autocracy again.

Where are we? It's complicated. The people have become very discontented with their Representatives and so the Democracy stage has been transforming the traditional Republic. But we also could be on the edge of the next stage of Anarchy, with increasing clashes between strong groups, ethnic and otherwise. But there is also a hint of Autocracy in the election of President Trump, who has, typical of autocrats, chosen a cabinet of military people, which is usually what Autocrats do in trying to restore order out of chaos.

Do I have a preference? I think of myself as a deep conservative and an American patriot. I want to reside in an American Republic, but one which brings the constitutional separation of powers and states forward to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, in line with real human nature, which remains very much kin-centered, ethnocentric, and even xenophobic. If a few amendments to the Constitution can help bring this about, so be it. That is more or less the structure of government and culture which humans always come back to when empires inevitably fall.

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