Sunday, February 05, 2017

Truth and lies in the postmodern world

In postmodern philosophy truth is subject to so-called political necessity. But religion and even science also often subject truth to their own ends.

It seems that in the activation of evolving life toward survival and reproductive success lies can lead to at least short-term success, and even sometimes long-term success.

Because humans can be more cunning than wise, lies will always be with us. Lies were applied by human beings long before postmodernism told us that truth is relative to the needs of politics.

Some groups do seem to lie more than others, which seems related to being weaker than other groups. Warrior societies seem less prone to lies than non-warrior societies.

The "Fake News" which we are increasingly seeing put forward by what I call the Evil Media is part of this lying dynamic.

In spite of all this, I believe real truth is grounded in the natural and biological world, and eventually natural truths rise above artificial lies---and I don't think this is a lie to further my own ends.

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