Monday, February 13, 2017

The Grammies and the Suicide of High and Low Western Culture

When you think about the heritage of Western culture, the artistic, philosophic, literary, and legal themes and traditions, and compare that to the themes of last night's Grammy awards, with the garbage manners, the endless "party time" ethos, you really do have to ask: "What the hell happened to our culture, both high and low, and how can we prevent further suicide?"

There is room for different ethnic cultures in America, or could be with ethnostates, but today the pop culture presented is mainly Afrocentric, which is then copied, usually badly, by all ethnic groups. Country music, when it isn't trying to copy the screaming divas, is shoved in the corner. What kind of suicide and cuckoldry of non-African cultures is that?! Pop music or low culture in the past related to the local ethnic cultures of the West, and usually had the same values as high Western culture.

Most of the greatest art and culture in the West was created under monarchies or with wealthy patrons who insisted on great work. Who are the patrons today? Arrogant capitalists who know nothing about art and culture but know everything about making dirty money, or by the patronage of government grants controlled by politically correct culturally Marxist morons.

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