Thursday, February 09, 2017

A hot overdo take-down of Academia

You need to subscribe to read this hot overdo take-down of Academia by Jason Morgan in the Feb.17 Chronicles, but you should subscribe to this paleoconservative magazine anyway. (This essay should have been made free to the public.)

For example: "...Whatever happens, the taxpayers must end all support to these places, and must evict everyone from the buildings and sell the assets off to the highest bidder.  The loan guarantees, the grants, the tenure, the endowments, the retirement benefits, UW Chancellor Rebecca Blank’s $95,000-per-year speechwriter—all of it must go.  Let the mad and the avaricious peddle their brummagem as they please, but let the taxpayer subsidization of each state’s Kool-Aid Archipelago end today.  Delenda est academia.  And teachers unions—you’re next..."

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