Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The transformation from an immaterial to a material view of Godhood

Ironically science takes the word of religion in declaring that God or Godhood is invisible and immaterial, and so science doesn't even examine this subject. But the Will or Spirit-Will-To-Godhood is material or supermaterial, and exists in the whole body, in every cell of the body, and science should be looking for the material Spirit-Will to empirically define it...I include the word "spirit" along with "will" simply to conservatively retain religious history while transforming it from an immaterial to a material view of Godhood, even though it is confusing to both materialists and immaterialists.

The Spirit-Will shows itself in the activation of the body as a whole, as both Schopenhauer and Nietzsche said, but Schopenhauer, like Buddha long before him, thought the will was a "yoke" that needed to be turned off before the mind could reach its full potential. The Traditionalist School follows this metaphysical error. Nietzsche saw the will as a goalless will-to-power. Both were mistaken. The ultimate goal of of the material Spirit-Will is to activate material life to seek Godhood by way of material evolution. As Schopenhauer put it, the will is like a strong blind man carrying on his shoulders a sighted lame man. The Spirit-Will is the primary element in human beings and the intellect is secondary.

Materialism is right in seeing man as a material body but wrong in seeing no sacred goal to materialism. The goal of materialism is to evolve to Godhood, and so if we seek or define God as not material and beyond the material process then we lose Godhood, or lose the attainment of real Godhood in the standard fantasy of immaterialism.

The idea is to bring the intellect in contact with the material Spirit-Will, which actives the whole body. When culture doesn't reflect the evolutionary goals of life----and most importantly the sacred goals---culture becomes decadent and degenerate. Life needs to recover the deepest moral decisions and religious goals which are all material and supermaterial, including Godhood. Art and politics then follow.

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