Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to let different ethnic groups be who they are

Arrogant blowhards tend to be disliked in the North but virtually applauded in the South, which was more obvious before Western culture became motley and decadent. Think of the Southern Italian preening himself with his shirt open to the navel, or the African with his gold chains and gold teeth. Then contrast that with the buttoned-up Brits, the nice-nice Scandinavians, or the strong group-behavior of North Asians. The cold north required more altruistic group-orientation than the warm south in order to survive, the south could get away with more individual preening. There is not a superior/inferior element in this, these behaviors are simply due to the evolution of different survival traits.

But these and other differences tend to clash in multicultural societies. You get such things as the young white man awkwardly making gang signs as he ludicrously tries to copy black rappers, which we now often see in our gaudy award-show circuses. It is, or would be, much healthier and more realistic to let distinctly different ethnic groups be who they are and act the way they want to act living within distinctive ethnostates. Then there could be realistic "civil rights" without so many disruptive clashes and bitter competitions. The constitutional separation of powers and states could move in this direction, and federalism could hawkishly protect the whole. I don't think we can have long-term social harmony without this return to sanity.

Look to who benefits from the motley circus we have become. Today the Evil Big Media and corrupt politicians are running wild at our new President Trump who is merely trying to keep Islamic terrorists out of the country! So we have a long road ahead with much hard rain to fall. 

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