Sunday, February 12, 2017

How far can President Trump go in restoring the values of real human nature?

Who commodified American culture, who put money above cultural health? The globalist version of capitalism did. The Big Media and the academic world promoted and individually benefited from this cultural collapse.

High and low art were once more or less united with the traditional values of real human nature, and so was politics. Now the Big Media promotes soft porn and is moving quickly toward hard porn, and politics promotes the fantasy of cultural Marxism taught by the corrupt academic world.

President Trump has begun to restore values related to real human nature, which remain as they have always been: kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, followed by individual selection.

If real human nature is not corrupted it naturally leads toward traditional art, economic nationalism, and would eventually lead to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, in harmony with the real human nature listed above. In America this return to human nature could be grounded in the constitutional separation of powers and states, which would separate the feuding ethnic groups in a natural way, and be protected by federalism.

How far can President Trump go in restoring the values of real human nature? Even if he can only move in this direction it is a healthy thing.  But President Trump is now strongly opposed to the degree that a new civil war seems possible, thanks to the Big Media, the academic world, the feminists, and brainwashed modern liberals...This is how fascism raises its dictatorial and imperialistic head.

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