Thursday, June 30, 2016

Correcting tragic flaws which have been destroying the West almost from the beginning

I like Russell Kirk (and his view of Burke), I like the paleoconservatives, I like Chronicles and the American Conservative journals, I respect Pat Buchanan, for awhile I thought the Traditionalist School, led by Rene Guenon and Julius Evola (and perhaps Aleksandr Dugin in our time), might rekindle the West because it found a way to include lost paganism, or at least pagan symbols of the West, into our fading established religions. But I could not overlook the fact that the neopagan revival retained the same tragic flaws of non-materialism and abstract spiritualism which have been bringing the West down---in spite if those valiant attempts to revive the West (think of what Thomas Aquinas did).

I also thought for a time that the racial nationalists were interesting, especially since the latest research in sociobiology has affirmed that group-selection is and has been the primary unit of selection and is deeply, genetically, within basic human nature, and this can actually affirm ethnocentrism. But then when the racialists go on to demand imperial supremacy for only one people and spend much time crudely attacking other ethnic groups, I concluded that this kind of imperial supremacism would not work in a crowded world which routinely gangs up on any race that declares that they want to wipe out every other race. I think a broad ethnopluralism with well protected borders between ethnic cultures is the political way to deal with the real world and with real human nature, and variety such as this is good for ongoing evolution.

The West can be revived not by rejecting religion or Christianity but with a deep transformation of the Christian and pagan spiritual and non-material definitions of God, by seeing that real Godhood is reached through material and supermaterial evolution. Even the philosophers (I think of Heidegger) could offer only non-material and abstract definitions of Being or God.

We need to affirm real human nature and not see it as the product of original sin. It is only through materialism and material evolution that we can reach real Godhood. Present materialism and the weak philosophy of modern liberalism are directionless and hedonistic---although they were probably brought about by the refusal of human nature to religiously hate its own biological drives---but they have no sacred goal or sacred religion.

Philosophical naturalism, sociobiology, and finally the theological materialism I write about here can help revive and awaken the West, and help correct the tragic flaws of the lifeless abstractions and spiritualism which has been destroying the West almost from the beginning. We can retain the old abstract, spiritual, inward God in the old Inward Path of our religions (that is real conservatism), but the old symbolism needs to be transformed in the Outward Path of material evolution to real Godhood. The old dreamed of synthesis between religion, philosophy, science, art and politics is certainly possible.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Those of us who support Trump hope that he turns out to be more like Buchanan

I assume that Pat Buchanan is not mentioned as the godfather of the political philosophy of Donald Trump because Trump and his supporters do not want the charge of “antisemitism” attached to them, as it was, falsely, attached to Buchanan, which ruined his political career. Buchanan was not and is not antisemitic, but he is anti the special-interest lobbies who do not put America First.

The politically incorrect question I first asked when I realized that Trump was seriously running for president was: what and who are Trump's real connections? If Trump goes after global crony capitalism but then empowers a few of his own global crony capitalists to rule the global territorial grounds, including the Jewish lobby, as well as himself, where will we be then?

Those of us who support Trump hope that he turns out to be is more like Buchanan.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Can Populism fix our problems?

The rise of the people has been against the superich oligarchies who possess dictatorial powers, who buy and pay for Congress, who create a surveillance state, who fight foreign wars to expand their power (but lose), and who do all this by greatly damaging the people.

For example, H.A.Trask says (Chronicles, June 2016) that in both Mexico and the United States there is no separation between organized crime and organized government, at least in fighting the drug cartels, which Washington actually empowers by keeping our borders wide open. We could simply install half a million infantry permanently on the borders and we would have no more border problems. This is actually the constitutional duty of our government.

I think the oligarchy which is ruling and destroying America (and Europe) is smart and powerful but only in the short-term, in the long-term they are stupid. They will not be able to control the wild demographic bomb they are creating, and so their power will be lost.

It may be too late for present politics to save America and the West from eventually splitting into ethnic regions and states, as human nature always prefers to do. Conservatives and traditionalists can at least hang on to the constitutional separation of powers and states, as natural ethnopluralism overtakes us. This way we might be able to avoid another highly destructive revolution. Populism could perhaps fix our main problems if it goes in that conservative direction.

Monday, June 27, 2016

No matter what happens next, we have to say Bravo to the populists!

The Big Media wants us to feel alone, defeated, overwhelmed as we find themselves objecting to Gay Pride celebrations across the nation, or Black Lives Matter blaming the police for black crime, or the Vice President demanding that Europe welcome all immigrants, and so on, and so on. I consider myself completely aware of the obscene bias of the Big Media but I also feel as alone, defeated, and overwhelmed as everyone else. That feeling is designed to make us feel like it's not even worth trying to do something about the depravity.

We turn to sports to get away from it all, but even here Big Sports like basketball and American football have been changed from sports played by gentleman to sports dominated by giant barbaric black men who are worshiped by the Big Media. So we make trips to the refrigerator for the false solace of beer, and we order chicken wings, which only makes us unhappier and fatter.

We fantasize about seeing the power of the Big Media crushed, but if the corrupt Clinton's again manage to get in the White House we will again feel the same hopelessness. But doesn't it feel different this time?! It seems as if at last we have become so fed up with the depravity that a real populist movement has risen in both America and Europe.

It's not a perfect movement, Donald Trump is far from perfect, Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage are not perfect, but populism has arrived in spite of the complete dominance of the Big Media. No matter what happens next, we have to say Bravo to the populists!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Yes, the suicide of the West can be stopped

Conservatives say that the suicide of the West is the result of having rejected all-encompassing Christianity and not successfully replacing it with modern liberalism, which is a secular form of Christianity lacking the deep satisfactions that comes from deeper religion, and therefore the only way to stop the suicide of the West is to go back to Christianity.

Religion in general and Christianity in particular have been dying in the West since the medieval revival of ancient Greek classicism and later the rise of science. It has been a slower death mainly due to brilliant philosophical defenders of religion, like Saint Thomas Aquinas, and less brilliant but very effective fundamentalist revivals of religion and Christianity.

The slow death of the West has speeded up following World War Two and the rise of cultural Marxism, which was designed mainly to destroy Western religious morals and values, with great success as we now see in the willing suicide of the West, which has been unwilling to defend its borders from huge numbers of hostile migrants, or from nationally destructive globalism.

So the fatal question is: can the suicide of the West be stopped? I do not think that a restoration of traditional Christianity or an increase in the scientific worldview can stop the suicide of the West. I believe a comprehensive worldview, philosophy, and religion can be affirmed which does not reject religion or reject Christianity, and does not reject science, but synthesizes and transforms them.

Many elements of classically philosophy, traditional religion and modern science are synthesized in Theological Materialism. The material world is not rejected or begrudgingly accepted as in traditional religion and philosophy (Plato made a God of non-material ideas), and religion is not scientifically rejected. The old God or absolute reason of religion and philosophy was first inwardly seen or experienced symbolically---after much ascetic discipline blocking the material. But in theological materialism the material world is seen as the only means to evolve to real supermaterial Godhood.

The suicide of the West can be stopped by stopping the suicide of materialism and seeing the material world as the sacred means to evolve to supermaterial Godhood. The old God is retained but transformed in the Involutionary and Evolutionary Twofold Path. And science, politics and culture are directly involved with religion in helping to find ways to guide evolution toward Godhood.

Yes, the suicide of the West can be stopped.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

When will modern culture improve?

I am never inspired by either high or low modern culture. It's lacks talent, is cheap, short-sighted, lacks integrity, and lacks courage. All the books, art, film and television turn to sex, violence and shock because that is all modern culture allows us to take part in. Show me a popular modern writer, artist, actor, producer and I will tell you which of the three they exploit, sex, violence or shock. The freedom or license for individuals to partake in sex, violence and shock is all we have now because everything else in banned by political correctness, including religion. It really is all garbage and at least partly explains why populism has been rejecting the establishment across the Western world.

When will modern culture improve? Probably not until ethnopluralism is established in the lands, with people living in their own territories where the natural affirmation of a people and ethnic culture, which exists within basic human nature, can inspire great culture again. Pluralism is actually a conservative principle, it reflects the natural separation of powers, states and cultures. Unity is not meant to be universal, international, or global, it was evolved for local unity. Even agriculture shows the danger of a large mono-culture, it leads to the end of the gene pool, and the end of ongoing evolution.

So who benefits most from our garbage modern culture? Answer that accurately and maybe we can begin our recovery.

Friday, June 24, 2016

With the populist victory of Brexit

With the populist victory of Brexit it seems that the nightmare of globalism is beginning to unravel and perhaps the nefarious empires are beginning to separate, as they have always done.

But as we slowly move toward a natural ethnopluralism of states we should never forget that small states require the protection of a nationalist federalism. That is how we unite Jefferson and Hamilton.

We can't have one without the other.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Downside Up

What if the charge of “racism” was answered with: “Everyone is racist, it's a part of basic human nature.” This admission might sound horrible at first, but it actually could prevent future civil war.

Human nature is primarily kin and group or ethnic-selecting and human nature has not changed with any false political program, although it has been driven underground.

Hard realism says that when ethnic groups are distinctly different enough they will not really assimilate and will compete and war with one another. Even Northern European cousins have a difficult time assimilating, think of the Anglo Saxons and the Irish.

The ethnic groups which now make the most noise about fighting racism are beneath the surface pushing their own ethnic groups. This inevitably leads to civil war, which is really ethnic war.

Beneath the class structure which Karl Marx blames for all problems are ethnic groups pushing their own agendas.

How can we fight against basic human nature? Why would we want to? Ascetics try to fight against basic human nature by seeking to block all material desires. Political rabble-rousers also try by seeking to divert real human nature into secondary issues.

Following this hard realism we arrive at Ethnopluralism as the realistic and common sense approach to social problems.

Putting the downside up would give distinctly different ethnic groups their own regions and states, and then protect them with some form of federalism. This would not be perfect but it is probably the best we can do given real human nature.

Releasing the neurotic and sometimes nefarious blocks on human nature won't lead to beasts or monsters, it could lead to a great renaissance and real positive evolution.

In the United States the constitutional separation of powers and states already exists, even if it is not followed, so this need not even be that revolutionary.

It is easy to predict civil war if ethnopluralism is not eventually initiated in the West, but also elsewhere in the world.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Are we all fools?

Populist's foolishly reject the aristocrats, the intellectual's reject the non-intellectuals. The business owner's foolishly care only about making money, and working men demand equal pay no matter what the cost. Fascist's demand one race supreme over all others, while Marxist's foolishly demand no distinctions between ethnic groups. Traditional or paleoconservatives seem like wise old men (no matter what their age) when they point out that it is best to affirm what has worked over time and human history---but like old men, they are not listened to and considered fools.

Neoconservative's with typical chutzpah openly speak of “controlled destruction” and that makes them dangerous fools, while neoliberal's, like the Clinton's, are leftover fools from the 1960's who do not seem to realize the destruction they cause. Religious people who put their faith entirely in a non-material world are merely foolish, unless they become neoconservatives, as a sizable number of evangelicals have done, and then they become dangerous fools.

Deep-conservatives who affirm a realistic sociobiological definition of human nature point out that human beings remain primarily kin and group or ethnic-centered, and therefore they politically call for ethnopluralism as the only realistic way to bring whatever harmony is possible between people. That is, regions and states set aside for distinctly different ethnic cultures, protected by a general federalism. But deep-conservatives, all three of them, are widely considered fools or dangerous fools by---you guessed it---other fools and dangerous fools.

But the fact is human life has been through worse times than these, and so there is hope.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Does nature look like classical art and architecture?

Does nature look like classical art and architecture in having order, harmony and proportionality? What is the “beauty” which is supposed to represent the “good?” If we imitate the form of nature what does it really look like? I can say it in one word: evolution.

Circles and cubes are nice but living things are nicer. It is not the square or circle that are the most beautiful, living objects are, and living things are much more than the square and circle. Following the standard of the circle and square is not a foundation principle, forms are not living things, and neither are non-material ideals.

I don't think life is evolving toward a non-material or spiritual circle or square, evolution is evolving toward the zenith of living things. There is not a duality here. Intellectual forms are not in the same league with living forms, and spiritual forms are not better than living forms. Intellectual forms are not God. Living things evolve to a living evolving Godhood.

Beauty does not arrive out of nowhere imitating some form. Beauty arrives by way of the evolution of living nature. Living things vary in beauty and in evolution and there is good reason to approve of higher beauty and higher reason. Godhood has always been considered better than non-Godhood and living things can be judged in the same hierarchy as they evolve all the way to the zenith of Godhood. True justice might give all life the chance to evolve in beauty and reason, and would not demand equality.

Which came first the denigrating of living things leading to rule by non-living mathematical forms, or the other way around? The means for arriving at Godhood are found in the material and supermaterial evolution of living things and not in the affirmation of non-material formulas or non-material ideals.

We can use symbols and formulas, but they are not God. Art and culture need to represent living evolution moving toward Godhood, which retains the best of the past while changing the present and future. That defines real tradition and conservatism.

Monday, June 20, 2016

What happens when culture imitates nature?

“What is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature?” James Madison, Federalist # 51

When culture imitates nature do we then see order and harmony? Does it look like ancient Greece? Medieval Christianity? the United States? Mao's China? Most importantly when culture imitates nature does it imitate human nature as well?

Human nature precedes the art and culture which reflects human nature. And before that nature precedes human nature. People create culture but then culture also influences the people.

Art and culture are directly related to what is considered “good” by the people. The various categories in religion and philosophy which reflect the definition of the good are not really that much different from one another when they reflect real human nature.

Beauty is not merely an intellectual idea or spiritual formula, beauty reflects the materialism and supermaterialism of nature. Nature is timeless, but there is only the material and supermaterial. There is Godhood attained in evolution, but there is not the spiritual, which can be transformed not rejected.

Material evolution tends to change and innovate the order it creates, usually keeping the best of the past as new changes are developed. This is the basis of real tradition and conservatism.

Where does nature place the authority of culture? In an emperor? In popular democracy? When authority imitates nature and human nature authority is placed in decentralized regions and states that can be defined as ethnopluralism, which reflects the primacy of kin and group-selection inherent in real human nature and in nature itself.

Cultures of distinctive regions and states and ethnic groups then follow, protected by some form of decentralized federalism. This view of authority is more or less reflected in the constitutional separation of powers and states which Jefferson, Hamilton and Madison affirmed in the original Constitution of the United States.

Does the material evolution of nature and human nature have a goal or purpose behind or beyond the creation of tradition and change? The goal is for life always to evolve within the material world toward supermaterial Godhood, with many starts and stops and selections along the way.

For me this answers the question, what happens when culture imitates nature?

Sunday, June 19, 2016

How great art can be revived

Beauty has a spiritual presence in itself regarding art, but I think religion and philosophy are at least partly responsible for the rejection of beauty in Western art with their denigration of materialism and therefore realism, due largely to the false duality declared between materialism (realism) and spiritualism (idealism).

In the hierarchy of ideals which have described Godhood I probably like “Beauty” best because it seems closer to real material life and the evolution of real life to supermaterial Godhood. The choice of beauty is brought back into the real world in relation to success in survival and reproduction. Materialism is this way not denigrated in the evolution of material life to supermaterial Godhood, it is celebrated.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever said Keats, but what is the meaning of “forever”? It is material and supermaterial evolution which goes on forever, and beauty develops through evolution. Tradition and conservatism are defined as saving the best of the past while evolving toward the best of the future, and evolution is the key term in that dynamic.

Evolutionary realism explores both the real and yet unreal world to come in the religious-philosophical world of theological materialism, using lessons from past art, which have been aborted by modern art.

This is how I think great art can be revived.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

How we can tame animal man and civilize the beast?

Nietzsche implied that we should not tame animal man, or we should accept that only power tames man. Traditional religion said we need to tame the animal so that we may look inward to God or the Father, which then means (at least for ascetics) that we will not really care about material life because God is non-material in any case. Capitalism said we should tame the animal in a direction related to becoming rich materially. Communism said we should tame the animal so that we may all become equal. Science said we should tame the animal so that we may all become rational and empirical. Philosophy came up with its own schemes for taming the animal, combining rationalism, irrationalism, science, religion, freedom, determinism, with much blinding intellectual complication.

We can't really know where we are going unless we first know who we are, or unless we know what human nature is. If we go back to the old Greek idea that education means bringing ones own nature out, then sociobiology should be the foundation study regarding how we may or may not tame animal man and civilize the beast. But I believe sociobiological study also has to include the deepest activating dynamic within human life, defined here as the primal activation of the material Inward Dynamis, or the activation of the material Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, which works in conjunction with natural outside evolution. This brings religion into science.

Human nature has freedom but it is a freedom within the strictures of biology and the environment. We do not have a non-material freedom outside of material life based on non-materialism. Materialism still leads toward Godhood in evolution so we need not reject the God of traditional religion, we need only transform it into reality. This is how we define taming or civilizing the beast in relation to real human nature as defined by both sociobiology and theological materialism. As we civilize the beast we tame or shape only what actually can be tamed and shaped in accord with nature, which still leads life toward Godhood by way of material and supermaterial evolution.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Criticism in art and culture needs the following upgrade

If you can't paint with the greatness of Raphael or Rembrandt or sculpt like Praxiteles or Rodin nevertheless you still need be that great if you want to called great, even if your subject matter today is different. You might object and say, “but that means that almost no-one measures up!” Sorry, but that is correct. This is the kind of criticism we need today when anything is called great. Your will-to-power may be fierce but that cannot guarantee greatness or genius any more than a falling acorn can guarantee a great tree.

But you may ask, “does that not mean that we cannot choose or prefer any new art or culture?” Or you may ask, “what gives you that kind of certainty?” My answer is that epistemological idealism has destroyed philosophy with the idea that the real is a non-material idea or a spiritual non-thing, beginning at least as far back as Plato and culminating in the relativity of values and the ugliness of modern art and culture.

The definition of the ideal that I recognize is a standard of beauty or morality directly related to material things, to objects, and ultimately to life itself rising in material evolution to the supermaterial perfection of real Godhood. This grounding of the ideal in real material life means that we can accept, with reservations, that which comes closest to true greatness and genius in art and culture, while always demanding the highest ideal of greatness and genius.

This calls for a purity of criticism where personal or ethnic wills-to-power are not allowed to bias criticism. This no small task requiring intellectual courage, with a fierce almost neurotic desire to find and speak the truth regardless of the cost, which seems related to physical courage and health.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

If we can survive the short term, the long term looks good

What will it take to initiate a real renaissance of America and the West?  Life itself seeks to rise above the existentialism and depression of our present culture. The nihilism of postmodernism needs to disappear. Can Washington decentralize itself and become a focal point for establishing ethnopluralism in the regions and states? We need a Praxiteles and Ictinus of evolutionary realism in the states more than we need them in the capital city. Where can our people and our leaders go to study decentralizing ethnopluralism?

First of all the science of sociobiology and its studies on real human nature is the base of ethnopluralism. Following that the French New Right has written about ethnopluralism, and the late Wilmot Robertson, a social outcast, wrote a book called “The Ethnostate.” And of course if real history is studied we can see how unnatural centralized empires always fall back into natural regions and states, the latest being the Soviet Union. That's about it, other than the general ideas in the U.S. Constitution regarding the separation of powers and states, which could accommodate ethnopluralism if we wanted it to.

Life itself really does seek to rise above the nihilism and depression of our present time, whether the human brain understands it or not. So if we can survive the short term, the long term looks good.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Speculating on the nature of the civilization I see coming

With so many healthy things lost and being lost in the world, let me comfort myself at least, and perhaps a few others, by speculating on the nature of the civilization I see coming.

I don't think man is the measure of all things, as Protagoras said, Godhood is, but a Godhood grounded in the material and supermaterial evolution of living things to Godhood. That is what is to be judged the highest good. The old symbolic inward God can be retained but transformed in the outward path of of material evolution to real Godhood.

Once the evolutionary standards are set, this time including the synthesis of science and religion, then the values and virtues of culture follow. But will this new world change as the classical Greek world changed, eventually sinking, until revived in the Renaissance? I don't feel that neoclassicism quite revived classical Greece, the sculptures, for example, were slightly off, a head slightly too big for a body.

What was missing in the traditional religious world, the classical world, and the neoclassical world, was the material evolutionary religious ethos, in which the evolutionary view of Godhood can lead to a civilization surpassing even classical Greece, this time based in the evolution of real material life to real Godhood. Change is part of the process.

But human nature remains today much as it has always been long before ancient Greece, that is, kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection. Modern liberalism has not changed human nature. The politics of the real world grounded in real human nature necessarily leads to ethnopluralism, protected by federalism.

We can then all get on with evolving toward Godhood on earth and out into the cosmos, with variety, even helping one another, while remaining distinctively different. I believe human beings are capable of this new civilization, but we will be even more capable the more we evolve.

The anti-hero Hillary, the flawed hero Trump, and the real forces of change

Hillary Clinton and her husband have been anti-heroes since the 1960's, lacking all the traditional heroic qualities, seeing “courage” as merely daring to be the enemy of traditional culture. Americans who were educated in our corrupted colleges and universities have adsorbed that anti-heroism and therefore they reject the flawed traditional heroism of Donald Trump. It would seem that what we needed was a populist who was also an intellectual, but Pat Buchanan was closer to that and he too was destroyed by the Big Media and the academic world.

Populists who still affirm Trump have not been totally corrupted by the anti-heroism constantly preached in the Big Media and the academic world, many have escaped being miss-educated in our colleges, but will they be enough to bring the flawed heroism of Trump to the presidency? It seems unlikely, although so-called miracles can happen.

Here is a better bet: as our open borders allows huge numbers of legal and illegal immigrants---which Hillary mainly approves of---and as traditionalists are not having children at replacement levels, slower moving demographics, along with real human nature---the real forces of change---will eventually separate our squabbling and distinctively different people into the regions and states of ethnopluralism. Given real human nature that is the grim but real hope.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The reality behind the deepest optimism

Looking at the complete mess of Western culture endlessly projected by the corrupt Big Media it is easy to lose hope, I do. But I try to keep in mind that there exists the deepest kind of optimism based in the deepest elements of life.

Plato and Aristotle can be combined, as religion and science can be combined, based on seeing and defining the living objects and the life we see before us. This sounds simple, too simple to some, but it has nevertheless been the basis for complex arguments and disagreements in religion and philosophy from at least the time of Plato to Heidegger, and beyond.

Basic life while living arrives at different agendas with different biases which endlessly conflict. And what little has passed for optimism has come from the same old one-sided, non-existent, dualities between matter and spirit, as seen in the brilliant intellectual contortions of Aquinas and Nietzsche, on opposite sides.

Real optimism need not worship by way of condemning one side or the other. Real biological life, including human life, seeks to live and thrive and evolve whether human minds agree or not. Life wins best when we affirm life, but life wins even when we do not. This is the reality behind the deepest optimism seen in theological materialism.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The reality behind the Orlando massacre, and the long-term solution

The popular Big Media has today reacted to the awful massacre of gays by an Islamic terrorist in an Orlando nightclub with a non-stop hymn to homosexuality. But the intellectuals of the cabal seem most worried about a backlash against Islam. That is a deadly deception. The cabal who control the Big Media and the academic world are really worried about a backlash against the cabal. Europe is now being conquered by legal and illegal Islamic migration, and the same thing threatens the U.S., but the cabal is worried only about the cabal! It is a deadly game they are playing.

Prior to World War Two a deadly street war was fought in Germany between fascists Nazis and fascist Marxists, and the Nazis won that street war. In reaction to their loss a cabal of Marxists eventually developed Cultural Marxism which helped win the big war. New generations have continued to successfully apply the soft fascist deceptions of cultural Marxism with great success by control of the Big Media and the academic world.

So what is to be done to overcome the soft form of fascism which now rules us under the deception of cultural Marxism? Not another imperial racism preaching the superiority of one noble or chosen race over all others, not neoconservatism, not neoliberalism, not libertarianism, not globalism. The successful moral high ground is to be found in ethnopluralism, where all distinctive ethnic groups are given there own regions or states, and are protected by federalism, which could even be legally affirmed in the U.S. under the constitutional separation of powers and states. There is no better long-term solution to the deadly competition between competing humans.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

We need to elect Donald Trump as president, faults and all, but my hope is falling

The entire corrupt Establishment with their billions of dollars, the Big Media, and the despicable Beltway Right are out to destroy Trump. In a healthy nation cowards like William Neocon Kristol and Mitt the Idiot Romney would not be on the national stage at all.

Meanwhile Europe is about finished. Their “leaders” are telling their people that “alienation” among Muslim “youth” has caused them to become terrorists, and Europeans should therefore embrace the complete fiction of immigration and integration.

At least Muslim youth turn to religion. In the U.S. religion has been destroyed by the same despicable globalist elite who destroyed Europe, so our youth have turned to obscene anti-white rap, or syrupy Taylor Swift, who are now probably writing “songs” in favor of alienated Muslim youth. Country music has been only marginally better, as it has been gradually influenced by screaming singers, rap rhythms, and of course the party-all-the-time decadent spirit.

We need to elect Donald Trump as president, faults and all, but my hope is falling.

Friday, June 10, 2016

How Realism Can Be Optimistic

Deeper realism can be optimistic with the qualification that deeper realism is based largely in the biological origin of social behavior. With that understood we can see how we move up the mountain of reality in a winding up and down pattern, while steadily evolving upward. The shorter up and down patterns represent radicalism, and the steady upward direction represents realistic conservatism, while also representing the vagaries of natural selection.

As we watch the political class and the big media destroy Donald Trump, as they destroyed Pat Buchanan for telling the truth, more or less, about real ethnocentric human nature, we know that if the truth is buried it becomes like a volcano which later explodes in the hands of the Mao's and Hitler's who never last more than a generation or two.

Deeper realists know that the world is full of distinctly different people and ethnic cultures competing with one another often to the point of hard warfare, and that steady movement up the mountain of reality must eventually affirm ethnopluralism, with each group living in its own region or state, protected by federalism. That offers the most realistic chance we have for long-term harmony and even peace.

Deeper realists of both high and low culture who base their deeper realism on the biological origin of social behavior, and now feel undervalued and marginalized, know that history shows those who avoid realism today will not be remembered in 100 years.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Would it not be courageous if Trump declared as he goes down that he was only affirming real human nature?

In Europe it is a crime to declare the inherent ethnocentrism of human nature, and agitators in the U.S. have been fervently working to make it a crime in America. What makes this absurdly ironic is that racism or group-selection preferences are lurking behind those who agitate to make it a crime, while also representing the vagaries of natural selection.

The term racism has of course been universally degraded by the defining it as the belief that some races are superior to others, rather than its true definition as the preference for group-selection or ethnocentrism deeply inherent in human nature to help us survive, since we could not, and still cannot, survive alone as individuals. The virtually underground sciences of sociobiology, genetics, and psychometrics have found this to be completely true.

As we now watch Donald Trump being destroyed by the Big Media for making racist statements---as Pat Buchanan, a better man, was once destroyed---would it not be courageous if Trump declared as he goes down that he was only affirming real human nature when he implied that racial preferences are inherent in real human nature? He probably doesn't believe this himself, alas.

Trump's doom has been hastened by the virtually unknown fatal connection between religious conservatives and modern liberalism (cultural Marxism) in their universalist condemnation of inherent group-selection or ethnocentrism as evil.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

We are not as free as we think we are: existence does not precede essence, essence is part of existence

Cultures do not rise or fall due to classical, religious, philosophical, scientific or political ideas, cultures rise due to the qualities of the people who develop the ideas and the culture. People create ideas and culture, ideas don't create people and cultures.

When the existentialists and their hair-brained offspring the postmodernists say that existence precedes essence they think that this airy abstraction makes them free of all determinism, or free of all morality based on determinism.

We are not as free as we think we are, but we have free choice within our determinism. The deepest cultural “story” is the story of human nature which is largely determined. Cultures and their stories come from the qualities of the people who create or develop the cultural stories.

Human nature is everywhere kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection. Real human nature is the structure beneath the superstructure of culture.

This is why demographics can be predictive of future culture. As the people and the qualities of the people change, the culture changes. Abstract ideas don't change the culture, change is based on the traits of the people who create the culture.

The culture secondarily affirms morality, morality fundamentally enhances or does not enhance the survival and reproductive success of the people who create the culture and the morality. This is the reality that even realist conservatives tend to block.

America has been changing because the people have changed. We have less harmony in America because we have different people in America with different qualities. This is why some of us, few of us, call for a homogeneity of people if we want peace and harmony in our cultures. The ethnopluralism hypothesis arises from this realism.

Ethnopluralism can harmonize with the separation of powers and states in the U.S. Constitution, protected internally and externally by a light federalism. Radical revolution is discouraged. States can slowly, conservatively, take on more of the character of the ethnic cultures living within various regions and states. This is the sociopolitical structure most in harmony with real human nature.

What really are the “permanent things?” Not abstractions, not ideas. Permanent things are material or supermaterial---even Godhood is supermaterial and evolved to in the material world. Existence does not precede essence, essence is part of existence.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Trump Shocks the Corrupt Media With Reality

Everyone is outraged because Donald Trump implied that ethnic heritage can bias ones judgment. But real facts and figures can be found that show how Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, and yes, Whites, make political and legal decisions that are influenced, consciously or unconsciously, by their ethnicity.

The reality is that ethnocentrism, like kin-preferences, is a basic part of human nature, genetically and culturally programmed in human nature since the time humans became humans, because it was the most successful in survival and reproduction. It also happens to be at the origin of the altruism of all religions. The Big Media and the academic world have corrupted the population into denying the reality of human nature. Modern liberalism, cultural Marxism and neoconservatism are based directly in that denial.

The sane and completely reasonable world of ethnopluralism, with regions, states, and powers set aside for distinctly different ethnic groups and cultures is the only way we will ever all get along together in this crowded and multi-ethnic world, given human nature. Even Trump has not talked about that truth. But if we wait too long to establish (or reestablish) ethnopluralism---which all empires fall back into anyway---there will be no white folks left to inhabit it, given the demographic trends.

So will Trump now fall in the polls and lose because he implies the truth about human nature? What a world.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

On Heidegger's Being and Time and the essence of man

Heidegger said in Being and Time that the essence of man is in his existence and is not in “another world.” (translation of Venner by Greg Johnson ). I think being and time contains both material existence and a material/supermaterial future world which is not really "another" world. We are bound here and now on a lightly determined leash of natural selection by present-time material biology, and by our environment, and we have freedom within that determinism. We are inwardly activated by the the Inward Dynamis of the material Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, and we are shaped by evolution outwardly to evolve with biology to supermaterial Godhood.

The “essence” of man is this way seen as the Inward Dynamis, the material Spirit-Will, which activates material life beyond this life to the supreme goal of evolution which is to evolve to Godhood in the cosmos. We can apply theological materialism to these questions, adding philosophical naturalism. This concrete supreme goal of Godhood needs to be affirmed by religion, philosophy, and science---which could save all three from alienation.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Trump with all his faults may really be the last chance we have to save the West before demographics and corrupted democracy make it impossible

Here are the political choices: culturally-Marxist-modern-liberal morons on the left, or libertarian-neoconservative morons on the right, and moron academics with their intellectual gobbledegook supporting both positions---some are sinister and some are just naive.

Then we have Donald Trump facing the onslaught of these sinister or naive morons, unsupported by the left or the right, or the academics, and attacked 24/7 by the controlled Big Media, left and right. The odds are far worse for Trump than they were for Siegfried or David.

Trump with all his faults may really be the last chance we have to save the West before demographics and corrupted democracy make it impossible. Trump has only the support of the people, the populists, the non-left, the non-right, the non-academics, and very few outsider intellectuals.

If Trump wins will heroic poems be written? Let us hope that this basic hero with all his faults can stay true to his basic political wisdom.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Both modern liberalism and conservatism have a problem in “letting people be who they are”

To modern liberals there is no inherent human nature, men act only the way nurture or culture---usually in the form of cultural Marxism---teaches them to act. And the religious conservative idea of “original sin” means that real human nature contains things we do not want to totally return to.

The healthy way to let people be who they are, and return to real human nature, is to let people be kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection. That defines real human nature.

When we follow real human nature then conservatism looks better than the cultural Marxism of modern liberalism. This also suggests that ethnopluralism looks like the best way to let people be who they are. But ethnic preferences, which tend naturally to be group-selecting and not universal, are often seen as part of original sin and selfishness.

Ethnopluralism basically means regions and states work most harmoniously and according to real human nature when regions and states are set aside for ethnic cultures, and protected by federalism. For American conservatives this might even mean that the constitutional separation of powers and states could accommodate ethnopluralism.

The demographic cold wars we are seeing today across the globe, and more and more in the U.S., with people seeking to break from globalism and live in their own ethnic regions, is the predicable action of real human nature, and should be welcomed rather than blocked.

This suggests that both modern liberalism and conservatism need a bit of retooling. Religion does not need to be rejected but transformed, as is done in theological materialism, which unblocks the great spiritual blockade against real human nature and the material world, and more deeply unblocks the material evolution to real Godhood.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Trump and the media

People tend to become disaffected by government when it becomes weaker and not when it is stronger. John Lukacs pointed this out in analyzing the end of the cold war, when the former Soviet empire separated back into real nations. It's fascinating to think of Western globalism weakening and therefore now having its own demographic cold war, with people seeking to split into their own ethnic regions.

The popularity of Trump's populism and nationalism is not well understood by the weakening media, or by the academic world, because they tend to hate traditional power and authority in general---other than their own power of course. This means that the “unwashed people” are cleaner than the liberals think they are, and if Trump holds to his populism and nationalism it will be all good for Trump.

The Big Media will continue to search through the garbage looking to upend Trump, because that's what they do, but the people may finally be getting hip to the destructive and nefarious media. We know the Big Media is a major power on its own, now more influential than governments or religions, and they will not go down easily, so prepare for more of the dirt they deal in.