Sunday, January 24, 2016

Will the instincts of self-preservation return to the West before we are destroyed completely?

Are we now as rotten as the Roman Empire was when the Roman Empire was destroyed by the barbarians in the fifth century? Or have the barbarians (Islamic terrorists, modern liberals, etc.) arrived too early?

The threats are real but exaggerated by those who wish to exploit the fears, eg. Big Business, Big Media, etc. And it is not “freedom” or “Christianity” that incite the barbarians, it is their basic instincts toward survival as they are being overwhelmed by the imperial overreach of the West. Their religion is secondary to their survival instincts.

In the opposite direction, the instincts for survival in the West have been overwhelmed by a passive, deceptive version of cultural Marxism (political correctness). And conservative Christians are skeptical of the instincts in general as they believe in the spiritual non-materialism of their Founder. The Buddhists had the same problem when they were overwhelmed by the communists.

Will the instincts of self-preservation return to the West before we are destroyed completely? When the instincts do return to the West, before or after the fall, they will proclaim real human nature, which is kin-centered, ethnocentric, and group-selecting over individual-selecting. This means a general return to ethnopluralism, that is, regions and states set aside for distinct ethnic cultures, which is the most natural instinctive way to curb social disruptions.

We should begin to at least talk about ethnopluralism before we are forced to establish it in order to survive at all. The constitutional principle of states' rights in the U.S. could accommodate such a change, without radical revolution.  And eventually theological materialism, written about here, could be the religious/philosophical base of our real rising, which retains but transforms traditional religion.

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