Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is Trump the next stage of neoconservatism?

They have changed from Trotskyism to neoconservatism, and now they may be shape-changing from neoconservatism to a bogus paleoconservatism---in this case Donald Trump is their man, whatever kind of conservative he is. The neoconservatives have always been shape-changing lizards blending in with the environment to capture their prey. Perhaps the neoconservatives and their corporate fellow travelers have ravaged other nations as much as they could and now it's time to pull back, bring manufacturing home, and find new prey. Of course there would still be the total support for neoconservative causes, for example, in the middle east. Pulling out of the debate could also, secondarily, be Trump getting back at the National Review crowd who recently attacked him and who dominate the ideology of Fox News. Or maybe the National Review editors are naively being led by shape-changing neoconservatives who have blended in with their operation. If the above speculation is not paranoid, and it could be, this would be a sort of false flag operation.

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