Thursday, January 14, 2016

Real beauty, truth and goodness are attained in outward material evolution

The true, the beautiful and the good have more than an “affinity” for one another, they are enclosed in evolved living objects, with an evolutionary gradation of qualities from frogs to Gods. This trio are not a separated trinity.

Ideas, mystic experiences, definitions, sacred words, are not Gods. Real living objects secondarily contain these definitions. Why are Gods more important if they have no material qualities?

The material world of desires gets in the way of experiencing the Inward God or Father, which first requires the ascetic blocking of all material desires.

Experiencing the bliss of no desires is far secondary to the real living object or objects of Godhood. Materialism is the vehicle by which life attains Godhood.

Gnosticism needs to be transformed from the inward to the outward path, while retaining the inward path. The moonlight of spiritualism needs to be transformed in the sunlight of theological materialism.

Faith is not more important than science, but they can work together---we have a long way to evolve to Godhood.

Inward spiritual religions can be blissfully pleasing, but real beauty, truth and goodness are attained in outward material evolution.

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