Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Do all things aspire to the condition of beauty?

Seeking balance and order could be seen as seeking beauty, in the same way that classicism describes a preference for balance, simplicity, and restraint, but also in the way a beautiful woman is described as perfectly balanced beauty. Perhaps this could more deeply explain the ancient worship of the Goddess?

The old saying that all art aspires to the condition of music might be better defined as all art aspiring to the condition of beauty. Beauty could then be expanded to include the aspirations of religion and philosophy. The key word here is “condition.”

“Condition” would be understood as not merely an idea, sound or sight, but the condition of life itself, the virtues of a whole living object. The zenith of evolved living objects would define Godhood, containing all the classical and universal attributes of balance, simplicity, and restraint, but also truth and goodness.

This is how all things could aspire to the condition of perfectly balanced beauty.

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