Thursday, January 21, 2016

Is harmonious balance the nature of reality?

What would a historical alter of philosophy contain? Not the vanity of individuals.

The borderlands between dream and reality is where genius often dwells. Madness goes over to the dream world, and normal people live in the real world, more or less.

Is there a classical harmonious balance of ideas in that borderland? A balance of objects? Or is balance unreality? Balance seems to relate more to beauty---that is, to people, places, and things.

With beautiful objects, reality seems to follow this classical conception of balance. It is ideas that tend to move away from balance and symmetry, but objects do not move away from balance and symmetry (ugly objects do).

Iconoclasm, which most religions affirm, destroys the sacred objects of religion due to spiritual ideas of God, which do not include the material world of objects---this, to me, takes the reality of a harmonious balance into that unbalanced dream world.

When projecting what the material and supermaterial evolutionary path to Godhood may be, I would start with harmonious balance, proportion, symmetry, which could include an iconography of objects---people, places, and things. 

That is, an art and religion also containing the evolution of beautiful living objects. Ideas would be secondary---even the ideas just mentioned.

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