Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The False Duality

“All things are numbers,” said Pythagoras, setting off the great false duality in human knowledge. It is one thing to say that there are hidden relationships between numbers and objects, it is another thing to call numbers sacred or to worship numbers and symbols, which many religions and philosophies do, at least esoterically.

“Concepts” follow the same duality, for example, the concept of God, or a sacred number or word for God, gave rise to idealism, or at least the negative side of idealism. Plato and his weird cave concept followed, which really split apart the world of knowledge. Vedic mystics may have done this even before Plato.

Plato asked about the relationship between physical realty and ultimate reality, presuming a difference. I say they are the same. No duality is necessary. I think even the forces of quantum physics, perhaps the last hope of the spiritualists, would not exist without a physical or material reality behind them, which we have yet to understand.

We evolve in the material world to material/supermaterial Godhood, a Godhood which is not merely a number, word, or symbol, and not even an inward experience of heavenly religious bliss. The numbers that define this evolution must be secondary to the evolutionary physical reality of the object, or objects, of Godhood, which they merely define. No duality is necessary.

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