Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Voegelin's Gnosticism

Conservatives like to distance themselves from Gnosticism, which was defined by Voegelin as a sort of German idealism, that is, replacing reality with a reality of their own creation. But Christianity, like Buddhism, is grounded in Gnosticism, the belief that the real world of God is non-material/spiritual and the material world is ultimately unreal, or at least the material world needs to be blocked in a Great Spiritual Blockade of asceticism in order to see the God Within.

The true path out of Gnosticism is not in revolution but in the transformation---not rejection---of the Inward Path leading from the Father-Within to the Outward Path of material evolution which leads to real supermaterial Godhood, as seen in theological materialism. This brings reality and grounding to both religion and science. German idealism and Marxism were lost in the clouds, whereas “immanentizing the eschaton,” which Voegelin disparaged, is precisely how we attain real Godhood. Material life is evolving to Godhood, which was only hinted at or symbolized in the Gnosticism of most religions and in German idealism.

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