Saturday, January 16, 2016

Renewing and combining the mythological, theological, scientific and artistic views of reality

How are the particular and the universal the same? When they are contained within the living object.

The universal is the activating, material force within material life, the particular is gross matter. They are never separate.

This sacred activation works within the dynamics of natural evolution and selection, which means the sacred goal is determined but the natural path provides choices.

The activating force, the Will-Spirit, or Spirit-Will, is not trying to escape matter, as the Gnostics and even some traditional religions believe, the material Will-Spirit is seeking to activate life to evolve toward Godhood, which is also material, or supermaterial.
The Will-Spirit-To-Godhood is the keeper of the sacred goal, which calls all life to evolve all the way to Godhood, over millions and millions of years.

The evolution to Godhood is a communal activity, which can be affirmed in amphitheaters once again.
But this is not the particularism of an exclusive Greek or Wagnerian nationalism, the more natural separations of ethnopluralism call for the independence of ethnic cultures and regions in accord with real human nature, which remains kin-centered and group-selecting, as we all evolve toward Godhood.

New sacred Masses can include both the traditional Inward Path, and the evolutionary Outward Path. The symbolic God-within is reached through ascetic discipline, and real Godhood-without is reached through material evolution.
The Will-Spirit is nurtured by beauty.
The past, present and future are this way joined together. 

Creativity and originality are important but secondary to the main goal of art and religion, which is the affirmation of our evolution toward Godhood.

There is a nostalgia for the sacred, which has been trampled. Sacred symbols have been transvalued into symbols designed to destroy the sacred. That is not art or religion, that is destruction.

The mythological, theological, scientific and artistic views of reality can be renewed and combined.

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