Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Intelligent intuition and proof

It seems to me that beauty, truth and goodness can be revealed best through intelligent intuition. Reason and empirical evidence come along later as proof, after the intuition. But these things are difficult to define. Intuition seems to give its insights by flashing through the brain too fast to follow, picking up and synthesizing what it finds in the brain, using both sides of the brain. Perhaps reason and evidence are also part of that that flashing procedure. (We may now have brain scanners that can follow these flashes). Art critic Gail Leggio used the term “intelligent perception” as the way beauty is revealed. Truth too can be revealed this way.

It seems that being good at perceiving intuitive perceptions without the use of the formal rational process can sometimes lead to being “spiritually” adept, but here things can get hypertrophied into blurring that line between genius and madness which has often been talked about. This kind of spiritual perception needs to keep the stark realty of reason and science in view without blocking intuition. In creativity intuition is king. Intuition needs an entirely open eye, but more than that, intuition needs a courageous eye, because what you see may not be politically correct.

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