Saturday, January 02, 2016

The real Fall of morality is the Fall from nature

It is presumptuous to call nature cruel, are we to judge nature solely by human standards? Nature is not cruel, nor is human nature. Why would we want to judge nature that negatively?

Human traditions should not be thought of as counter-nature, or counter the cruelty of nature, traditions should be harmonious with nature, when they are not, as in Marxism or global imperialism, and even some aspects of religion, then that is cruel.

It is not merely pagan or modernist to collaborate with the forces of nature, although we do not want to follow Nietzsche's amoral Dionysus. When we define nature and human nature more accurately, not as evil, we praise nature. The real Fall of morality is the Fall from nature.

How can it be idolatrous to see nature as sacred when we evolve to Godhood in the materiel world by way of nature, not by the rejection of nature? The early religious sages rejected material nature to concentrate on the God or Father Within, but that was the first symbolic glimpse of real Godhood reached inwardly, which can be retained, but transformed in our material evolution toward real Godhood.

Political philosophy and art follow the shape of nature and human nature as closely as possible if we wish to work harmoniously with nature. Marxism and global imperialism do not, and neither does Nietzschian postmodern philosophy, although they acknowledge the importance of the will-to-power in nature.

What is the contour of human nature? One phrase says it best: Group-selection, but it is a group-selection juxtaposed with individual and kin-selection, which is not always a comfortable mix. But group-selection is the primary unit of successful survival..."Within groups selfish individuals beat altruistic individuals, but groups of altruists beat groups of selfish individuals.." (E.O.Wilson)

This is how we arrive at the political philosophy of ethnopluralism and make the claim that it is most harmonious with nature and human nature. We study trained scientists like E.O.Wilson and less known thinkers like Raymond Cattell, and Alain de Beniost, but we also examine the ideas of the paleoconservatives.

As I wrote yesterday, the affirmation of ethnopluralism, which reflects the group-selection of real human nature, will be the coming political awakening. That is, separate regions and states set aside for distinct ethnic cultures, protected by a standard federalism, which could be harmonized legally in the United States, for example, with the separation of powers and states as seen in the original U. S. Constitution.

But then we move out of rigid empiricism, while retaining science, toward the religious philosophy of theological materialism, all the while seeking to collaborate with the forces of nature. Nature is the origin of religion, politics and art.

What is high morality? As the evolutionary scientists say, morality has always been marked by its conscious or unconscious affirmation of what is successful in survival and reproduction, which could be called low morality. High morality affirms the zenith of success as moving toward or attaining Godhood, and older morality defines God mainly as an inward personal experience.

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