Saturday, January 23, 2016

Values for intelligent machines?

Silicone chips versus biological neurons? Atoms versus computer bits? I think we can advance both as long as biological life and evolution come first and artificial intelligence is used in service to biological life.

Even though artificial intelligence can evolve much faster than biological intelligence that is weak argument for preferring artificial intelligence---this could even be a suicidal argument regarding life itself.

It seems likely that machine intelligence could one day dominate human life with amoral nonhuman values, if we don't carefully see that it does not.

It does not help that the process of future human evolution is virtually a taboo subject which has allowed the less courageous to think only of machine evolution.

How human values and biological evolution will prevail in a world of video game-playing nerds and individualism-obsessed libertarians, or where conservatives downplay or don't even believe in evolution, and where businessmen value wealth at any cost, remains to be seen.

This latest challenge of artificial intelligence seems to be one more thing brought about by the worship of symbols, numbers and concepts over living objects, began way back with the false duality of Plato, or before.

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