Thursday, January 07, 2016

Conservative change over revolutionary change

The big difference between conservative change, and revolutionary change including modern liberals (cultural Marxists), is that revolutionaries think past traditions are like a bad nightmare, whereas conservatives define past traditions as slowly gained wisdom. Both sides want change but liberals want to wipe out the past and conservatives want to retain but reform or transform traditions. Real conservative's who want change are not wearing a mask disguising revolution, they really do find traditions wise and want to upgrade and improve them, legally.

Advocates of revolutionary militant change, wiping out the past, can rise on both the far left and far right. I place the ethnopluralism hypothesis in the conservative camp. In the United States this means affirming but transforming the legal separation of powers and states, seen in the original the U. S. Constitution, to include distinct regions and states set aside for ethnic cultures, protected by federalism. This will help establish, or re-establish, a more natural order based in the hard-wired dominant group-selection of real human nature, which can help counter the increasingly discordant non-assimilating population, now greatly increasing with legal and illegal immigration.

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