Monday, January 25, 2016

The material and religious justification the West requires to defend itself

"Just War" theory suggests that war is not always the worst option, there can be things such as atrocities being prevented, or actions so evil that they justify war. Augustine and Aquinas didn't reject past religion to develop the “Just War” theory, as good conservatives should do they retained but transformed religion.

But non-materialism is non-materialism, and adding materialism to spiritualism might make practical sense regarding real life, but the foundation of the great religions involves rejecting and ideally blocking all material desires in order to experience God, or at least the God or Father Within. Religious values and virtues stem from this rejection of materialism. Even religious altruism, concern for others, is based in the low religious value placed on the selfish drives of real material life.

Don't get me wrong, I'm obviously not against transforming religion since I transform religion with evolution in theological materialism. But the old rule is, don't transform or copy something unless you can improve it---if not, leave it alone. Just War theory was needed on behalf of materialism, otherwise Christians might not be around today. And regarding the older non-material Vedic religion, if the English had wanted to violently run over non-violent Gandhi, he and his movement offered no real defense. Islam too is based in Abrahamic-Vedic-non-materialism, but Islam finds the right to sacrifice many lives on behalf of a non-material religion, as if the mission of religion is to sacrifice materialism for spiritualism.

Material/spiritual duality is unreal and unbalanced, just as the old mind/body duality was unbalanced and irrational. The reality is that life is material and supermaterial---material life evolves to supermaterial Godhood. That is the material and religious justification which the West requires to morally and legitimately rise and defend itself. Material life and the desires of life are precious because they are the means to evolve to real Godhood---if we are sociobiologically/religiously guided.  Godhood was only symbolically experienced through the ascetic inward discipline of non-materialism, which is retained but transformed in theological materialism.

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