Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Evolutionary ethics, conservatism, happiness, and the secondary nature of power

Growth and evolution are a “right” that life has always demanded, at least from within, as nature and evolution change life from without. But the steady survival and evolution toward higher things has required the order of conservatism over time, otherwise evolutionary advances would be lost, as they often are with social chaos and disorder.

Ethics do not aim arbitrarily at the restraint of power, as Nietzsche's suggested, ethics aim at the teleological goal of life evolving toward Godhood. If there is a damaging blocking taking place it is the Great Spiritual Blockade and renunciation of life evolving to Godhood.

Power is a secondary to the goal of Godhood, contrary to Nietzsche. Power is not freedom, the essential purpose of power is as an aid in the evolution of life toward Godhood. Power, like intoxication, is only the illusion of freedom.

Ethics are born in the evolution of life toward Godhood. What is good is the continual evolution of life toward higher beauty, truth, goodness, intelligence and higher consciousness. This does not necessitate the destruction of things that are not higher evolved. Evolution works conservatively over time, keeping the best of the past, while life is being transformed.

Life, the living organism, growth, and striving after success in survival and reproduction is central, but successful survival and reproduction does not completely define the goals of the material activation of the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood. Evolving life ultimately seeks the zenith of success, which is Godhood.

Life does not always reach Godhood but Godhood is the activating goal of all the striving and growth and evolution, not power, and not happiness, although power and happiness are a secondary part of advancing toward Godhood.

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