Wednesday, December 02, 2015

What is real decadence?

Nietzsche thinks (“The Will To Power”) that when society rejects war and conquest it is a sign of decadence, leading to democracy, rule by shopkeepers, etc. My response is that when a society accepts and affirms ongoing upward evolution then that prevents real decadence---that is, real decadence is the renunciation of higher evolution.

Peace and some middle class values can this way be seen as preventing decadence since ongoing evolution usually requires long periods of peace and stability so that new and improved genetic mutations can be retained and perpetuated, which the culture and the military then protect and defend.

Morality can this way be recognized as not only enhancing successful survival and reproduction but seen as the means of real evolution surviving the individual and provincial time. To maintain evolution requires many generations dedicating themselves to its cause, each is a link in the long chain of upward evolution. Healthy morality, religion, science, politics, culture, are defined around this perspective or worldview.

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