Monday, November 30, 2015

Conservatism and Eugenics

Real conservatism affirms change by keeping the best of the past while steadily harmonizing the new in the old. But when it comes to “eugenics,” that is,  the science of improving human hereditary qualities through selective breeding, conservatives follow the modern liberal line of thinking of progress as destroying the old order with the new. But healthy eugenics, like natural evolution in general, is conservative, keeping the best of the past while synthesizing the new. For example, the human brain retained the reptile and mammal brain as the human brain evolved on top of these earlier versions.

The question is asked by both liberals and skeptical conservatives : who defines the beautiful, the true and the good as we evolve toward higher versions of these things? Why depart from the traditional conservative answers to these questions? Nature suggests that radical revolutionary change and destroying the old order to build the new is rarely successful. In nature consonance and dissonance are usually resolved in harmony, not in disorder. Even ecology is defined this way.

A “reasoned and temperate progress “ as the old conservatives used to say, is the wise way to evolve. The stability of conservatism in general helps maintain evolutionary new mutations which would perish without that stability. And indeed, how much evolution, the timing of evolution, depends on the circumstances of the nation, or the small states or ethnostates within the nation and the world. Humans couples have been increasingly using genetic studies and new gene technology in the selection of their offspring. Raymond Cattell's Beyondism began the scientific study of the religious regulation of the pace of evolution, which we extend.

The universe is orderly, even if we don't always understand the order. And we are evolving in the material universe toward supermaterial Godhood, which is defined as the zenith of truth, beauty and goodness, and exemplified as the highest consciousness and intelligence. The old experience of the Inward God or Father Within is conservatively retained but transformed in the Outward Path of evolution to real Godhood. Like great art, eugenics is the affirmation of this sacred perspective.

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