Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The difference between multiculturalism and ethnopluralism

“Multiculturalism” and “diversity” as defined in the West today insidiously promotes the equality of political correctness. That is, people and cultures are only the result of different environments, not biology, which can be corrected with cultural Marxism. College campuses strongly promoting “diversity as strength” in reality create distinct groups that stick together and fight one another. Social goals depend on the power to make them happen, and since power is never equal, equality never works.

Variety is good in evolution, but “multiculturalism” creates sameness or unsuccessfully attempts to create sameness. Whereas ethnopluralism actually protects and champions variety, and acknowledges distinct differences between groups inherent in real human nature, which require their own space, their own ethnic culture, and their own ethnostate. Various forms of federalism can then protect the whole.

Healthy morality is essentially the cultural or religious means of helping life continue to live and evolve, and ethnopluralism needs to be affirmed if we are to continue to survive and evolve, ultimately to Godhood, without tearing each other and the earth apart.

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