Saturday, December 26, 2015

Realist Utopian

I think we we can be realist utopians, a term studied by philosopher Raymond Geuss. The way I see it, we can realistically, without wishful thinking about human nature or politics, seek things we do not yet have, but seek them realistically. The evolutionary sciences of sociobiology, evolutionary psychology and genetics can keep us grounded in rigorous science, while we think about future evolution all the way to Godhood.

It seems to me that conservativism objects to utopian thinking mainly when it does not correspond to their utopian view of heaven. Theological materialism does not reject past religious views of heaven; in the Twofold Path it retains but transforms the inward view or experience of heaven, or the God Within---which both Christ and Buddha were mainly concerned with---to the real Godhood which can be reached, realistically, by material and supermaterial evolution.

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