Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ethnopluralism, or how altruists beat selfish individuals

Nietzsche said “ morality is essentially the means of making something survive the individual.” Today that is called altruism, interest in the welfare of others, which Nietzsche was not fond of as a policy, to say the least. Nietzsche thought altruism hampered great individuals and creators of values. Ever the rebel, Nietzsche said that all great men have been criminals, in the sense of creating their own values.

I think truly great men transform past errors without destroying traditions. The science of sociobiology has found that within societies selfish individuals beat altruists, but groups of altruists beat groups of selfish individuals. And so group-selection became the primary successful unit of human selection, although there is always that uncomfortable dynamic between the individual and the group.

Wise political structures need to include the behavior of real human nature, which is the main reason why I think ethnopluralism has become the best revived political structure. That is, preferably small states for distinctive ethnic cultures, with their natural ethnocentric altruism, and some sort of protecting federalism between the states and other nations, perhaps not unlike the one envisioned in the original U. S. Constitution, with a few amendments.

Compare this political recommendation with the damaging or useless rants of the presidential electioneering going on right now, and you see how far we need to go.

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