Monday, December 14, 2015

Thoughts on transformed virtue

Transformed virtue: strength and courage in ever seeking to evolve toward higher consciousness, intelligence, and beauty, with the zenith of these things residing at the zenith of material/supermaterial evolution, or Godhood. (Theological materialism).

The old virtue: strength and courage as good. (pre-Christian, post-Christian Nietzschean).

Post-pagan virtue: the suppression or sublimation of strength and courage in seeking the inward experience of God or the Father-Within, or high non-material reason as good. (Vedic, Socratic, Christian).

This historical transforming of virtues has resembled Hegel's dynamic of thesis, antithesis, but the synthesis is material/supermaterial and not “spiritual” (which is supermaterial). Upward material/supermaterial evolution replaces the “dialectic” toward the non-material spirit, and also replaces power for power's sake in the value system.

Virtues seem to reveal the degree of biological, psychological, philosophical, religious and political health of a people or culture.

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