Saturday, December 19, 2015

Theological materialism, ethnopluralism, and divine purpose

Marxism, the left, and modern liberalism do not really believe the multiculturalism they espouse, all the world must become exactly what they are.
Real respect for variety and diversity comes with ethnopluralism, where there are many ethnic groups, many races and cultures, living in their own territories.
One evolutionary religious philosophy and one political philosophy actually affirm this variety and independence: theological materialism and ethnopluralism.
Federalism, the modern form of subsidiarity, can offer protection for these differences in ethnic groups and ethnic states.
But there is an overall direction and purpose in life and therefore in theological materialism, which is applied in ethnopluralism: the successful evolution of material life to supermaterial Godhood.
This divine plan can be guided over great time by international sociobiological research centers, voluntary, open to all, and advised by the religious philosophy of theological materialism.

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