Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to oppose the destruction of the West

Various cultural and racial groups have been increasingly destroying the West by declaring that anything that opposes their agenda of cultural Marxism on the left, and neo-conservativism on the right, are hateful and evil. On the left their agenda promotes non-Western cultures, non-nuclear families, atheism and religious minorities, women over men, homosexuality, and non-White races. On the right the neo-conservative agenda promotes imperial Western globalism. They have criminalized virtually any opposition to their agenda.

The wise way to oppose this destruction of the West is to refrain from attacking various cultural and racial groups and instead call for life-saving ethnopluralism. This could be done while affirming the conservatism of the original U.S. Constitution, which separates the powers and states and protects their independence with federalism---the Constitution could accommodate the separation of competing or even warring ethnic cultures into ethnic regions and states. If a region wanted the destructive dream of cultural Marxism possibly they might, as long as they stayed within their borders.
Ethnopluralism harmonizes with real human nature which remains strongly kin-centered, ethnocentric, and group-selecting.  Supporters of ethnopluralism may still be slandered as haters, racists, and so on, but ethnopluralism clearly saves and respects cultural and ethnic differences, and so it takes the moral high ground. Human history shows that the various forms of imperialism always break back into ethnostates, purposefully or unpurposefully. The line of defense and the way to oppose the destruction of the West is drawn here with ethnopluralism. What are the chances of success? Human nature and history are with us, but whatever the outcome, it is the healthier action to take.

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