Sunday, December 20, 2015

Why I prefer evolution to the dialectic

I prefer evolution to the dialectic in understand change. This way you avoid talking or thinking only in terms of ideas.

Ideas need to relate to real objects. The object then becomes more important than the mere idea of the object.

This also avoids the either/or blockade of Kant and Kierkegaard. The either/or dilemma is this way seen as a dilemma of ideas only, whereas the real object cannot be merely a choice of either/or.

This points toward materialism and away from spiritualism and idealism. But it does not reject Godhood, at least not in theological materialism.

Godhood becomes the supermaterial zenith of successful material evolution, and not the non-material spirit of the Vedas, Plato, or Hegel. And the nothingness of modern philosophy becomes a mere idea.

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