Thursday, December 10, 2015

The reign of the anti-hero

The truth-telling hero and the lying anti-hero were the standard in Western culture until after the two World Wars when both high and low culture mutated from the hero to the anti-hero.

That was no small change, the lying anti-hero conquered in the popular media and in the academic world. Now heroes who tell the truth are seen as simpletons and liars are seen as geniuses. You have to watch family and G-movies to find any truth-telling heroes, although they are usually presented with gagging syrupy sweetness. And in the academic world post-modernism preaches that it is naive to think in terms of heroes and anti-heroes since there is no real right or wrong.

These preferences seem to relate generally to the northern and southern hemispheres, or it could be the difference between warrior and non-warrior cultures, where warrior cultures are taught to shoot strait and tell the truth, and non-warrior cultures do good business in the bazaars by lying.

Even so, I'm not advocating that one or the other of these conquer, they are both biologically and culturally activated and are best separated with ethnopluralism where human nature can more harmoniously proceed.

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