Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Debating fools: is the present media unstoppable in its destructiveness?

The Founders did not imagine the power and technology of our present big media. Whoever controls the media today controls the present, past and future. That is power. Dictators know the power of the media which is why they control it.

So now we have to watch CNN'S Wolf Israeli-First Blitzer do his standard lets-you-and-him-fight, as he directs the Republican candidates who idiotically compete to see who can promote destabilizing war in the Middle-East, or anywhere, the most. Meanwhile truly unlikable Hillary Clinton and her unctuous husband move closer to the White House, again.

The fact that there is no big, countering, paleoconservative, economic nationalist, states-rights media (Fox News cable is part of the neoconservative cabal therefore not conservative) suggests that the big corporations who own the media are free to destroy Western traditions and national borders, apparently so they can gather more power in the collapse.

Will the West have to fall before it rises again? Will Western militants rise out of desperation and do more harm than good?  Are there really no big money paleoconservatives who can establish a powerful counter media? Is the present media unstoppable in its destructiveness?

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