Thursday, December 31, 2015

Policing ones own people is not a given in the case of Bill Cosby

Even given the injustices done to blacks, the virtue of justice has been largely missing from blacks regulating their own people, which is seen, once again, in the case of Bill Cosby. Black leaders have not spoken out against Cosby's serial sexual abuse. Even if all the drugged women who have come forward (50?!) consented to the abuse, you would think Cosby's hedonistic immorality would at least be condemned.

It seems to me that this lack of social responsibility by blacks toward their own people has had much to do with why they have remained for so long in the lower reaches of society. Ethnocentrism, even blind ethnocentrism---otherwise know as “racism”---is natural to human behavior, but policing ones own people, apparently, is not a given.

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