Friday, May 26, 2017

Why we aren't recovering

A real American recovery has not been allowed because real human nature has not been allowed within the solutions to why we aren't recovering. If allowed real human nature could shut down the individuals and groups who have gained power by promoting cultural Marxism on the left and amoral libertarianism on the right, which have been heavily promoted by the controlled Big Media and the academic world.

Real human nature consists of gender differences, age-grading, marriage-making, hierarchy, ethnocentrism, religion-making, group-selection, and other typically traditional human traits. Cultures can operate for a time with behavior that goes against real human nature, such as cultural Marxism or amoral libertarianism, but cultures are always, eventually, pulled back by the biological and genetic leash of real human nature, as E. O. Wilson so brilliantly and courageously pointed out many years ago.

The people have been taught, or brainwashed, by the Big Media and the academic world into thinking that all people are the same, that distinctively different groups can and should live together in the same multicultural territory, and love one another equally and universally. The people have been taught that the real human nature, defined above, is politically incorrect, and even evil behavior.

Americans from both the right and the left elected Donald Trump as President because he at least hinted at restoring what seemed instinctively healthy for the people. But Trump's talk of recovery turned out to be mainly demagogic salesmanship, and he has turned now to the same neoconservative amoral and immoral libertarianism of past politicians. But even if he had kept on the path that Pat Buchanan first traveled, of real economic nationalism and traditionalism, that would not have brought a lasting recovery.

The reality of real human nature points toward the political/cultural solution which will bring about an ethnopluralism of ethnostates within our Democratic Republic, perhaps with only a few amendments to the constitutional separation of powers and states. Different ethnic groups can then politically and culturally conduct themselves the way they want to in their own regions and ethnostates. But we would need to retain federalism and subsidiarity to balance the states together, because we need the geopolitical heft of a large nation to defend ourselves in the big world.

This is the political/cultural structure most in harmony with real human nature, and the answer to why we aren't recovering. This can be done without radical revolution, which does more harm than good...Perhaps the same solution can apply to Europe, which is falling apart more rapidly than America, due to the same causes.

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