Thursday, May 18, 2017

How great art can return

Schopenhauer, the idealist, thought that the universal Idea of great art provided greater beauty than nature actually provided or failed to achieve.

I find that only half right. The evolution of material life toward Godhood in nature provides life greater than art can provide. Yet at the same time art can supply or affirm that Idea of the sacred goal of life with the affirmation of the sacred, which all great art shares.

More essential and universal than history itself, and more essential than universal Ideas, is the activating material Spirit-will-to-Godhood within every cell of the body. This activation does not change throughout history and is a real universal essence. The Idea of this essence is only secondary to the material essence itself which activates life to evolve to Godhood.

The spirit, soul and mind were thought to be '"spiritual," not material, but they are really the highest aspect of the material mind beyond most material drives, and they too are activated by the universal, essential, material Spirit-will-to-Godhood, in conjunction with outside natural selection and evolution. 

It seems to me that great art can return with this affirmation of the sacred supermaterial goal of life and evolution.

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