Thursday, May 04, 2017

Substance shapes form

If I say, substance over form, then the substance can shape the form. That could apply to style as well to deeper philosophy. For example, if religion, philosophy and art see the highest reality as non-material Ideas, then that substance will shape the forms of religion, philosophy and art.

When we rate the material reality of objects lower than the non-material Ideas or math equations that only represent the objects---as most religion and philosophy does---then we usually get over-complicated forms of religion and philosophy, with forms that end up trying to impress rather than illuminate, since there is no non-material reality.

Would the substance look classical in form if we define Godhood as attained by way of material evolution to a supermaterial Godhood? Not entirely if the classical Gods were only Ideas and not real material or supermaterial objects.

The real material object is primary in comparison to the secondary non-material idea which represents the object. Supermaterial Godhood is primary and the non-material inward Ideas that represent God are secondary.

It seems to me that with substance valued over form then the forms of religion, philosophy, art, and style can become clear, simplified, and reduced. That is what evolutionary realism points toward, as seen in theological materialism.

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