Monday, May 15, 2017

The next religious mission: why would we want to be independent of the will?

Schopenhauer thought genius can work independently of the end-seeking will, and that philosophical objectivity---and also great art as well as Buddha's bliss---could be achieved that way. But why would we want to be independent of the will, or the instincts within every cell of the body, if the will seeks to activate material life to evolve to Godhood? Schopenhauer thought genius could be objective by being independent of the will, but the will or spirit-will, which is a material activation, seeks the highest truth (objectivity), goodness, and beauty by way of material evolution.

I would rather call the will the Super-Id, but Schopenhauer thought of the will as a super-monster (Freud followed him in this). Civilizing the beast means philosophically and culturally helping the material will (the old word was spirit) to attain its sacred goal as best we can. Although material life probably evolves to Godhood eventually even without our help, we can speed up the process as our knowledge increases by removing obstacles to the various levels of Godhood. That is the next religious mission.

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