Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The corrupt media is increasingly driving our president mad

I think even Orwell and Huxley would have been surprised at how the corrupt Big Media and the academic world have managed to define real human nature as biased, oppressing, and unjust. It has been a transvaluation of reality which even Nietzsche would marvel at.

We have been critical of president Trump since he flipped from being a populist-nationalist to a neoconservative, but now as the corrupt media is increasingly driving our president mad with fake news, you only feel like defending him. They poke at him and goad him, knowing he is narcissistic and super-defensive about any slight.

An example this morning was Joe Scarborough and his new fiance Mika, who originally supported Trump, looking into the camera aware that Trump was watching them and cruelly attacking Trump knowing full well it would drive him crazy.

Is there no democratic means to curb the corrupt media?...The last thing the media wants is a fascist dictator but they may eventually get one if this revolution of the media and the academic world continues.

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