Sunday, May 28, 2017

Constitutionally dealing with not only class differences but ethnic differences

The American Founders affirmed the separation of powers thinking mainly of class differences in old England. This was long before the ethnic differences which now clash within both nations. But the constitutional separation of powers and states was deep enough and wise enough to be able to adapt to this too.

The beauty of the constitutional separation of powers and states is that it underlines real human nature, which cannot for long be denied in the cultures we create. The conservative biologically origin of human nature remains kin-centered, gender-defined, ethnocentric, group-selecting, and as nationalistic as it has always been. But the sociobiological way to save conservatism is not mentioned by conservatives or by liberals, other than as something politically incorrect and even evil.

The constitutional separation of powers and states can affirm an ethnopluralism of ethnostates under the constitution and accommodate the ethnic differences which are now, most naturally, tearing us apart. Can we deal not only with class differences but ethnic differences? If we cannot we are doomed to increasing civil disturbances and eventually forced separations. It's better to do it rationally and legally.

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