Thursday, May 25, 2017

Into the occult weeds: the real evolutionary "alchemy"

Occult Kabbalistic/Gnostic knowledge, the Traditionalist School, or follower-groups like the Freemasons, are not affirmed but if retained at all are transformed in theological materialism and in the coming Theoevolutionary Church.

The old Kabbalistic term “Adam Kadman” can be defined as "God" experienced in the Inward Path (think of the Vedas, Buddha, and Christ). In reality Godhood is attained in the active Outward Path of material evolution toward supermaterial Godhood. This is called the Twofold Path in theological materialism, which conservatively retains the old Inward Path but transforms it in the Outward Path.

Any “Tree of Life” symbolism, if still retained, would need to redefine the symbolic expulsion of Adam from Eden as being not caused by eating the “forbidden fruit of knowledge” but for ignoring or being ignorant of knowledge of the material, not spiritual, evolution of life toward real Godhood, and ejected from the garden for devolutionary cultural and biological trends.

Real Godhood is not defined as the Kabballistic/Gnostic/Traditionalist School/Masonic attaining of the Soul/Father/God-Within, and Godhood is not demonstrated by creating artificial life, whether by computer, robot, or man. Godhood is attained through the real "alchemy” of material evolution all the way to supermaterial Godhood.

Who has that occult knowledge? That is the real evolutionary alchemy of changing material life into the gold of supermaterial Godhood. Seeking the Soul-Within---which was perhaps developed for warriors in some proto-Indo-European homeland and carried to the middle east---can be a distraction, a subterfuge, or a Great Spiritual Blockade away from the real divine mission, which is to materially evolve all the way to supermaterial Godhood.

This becomes as much an exoteric as an esoteric divine mission, joining science and religion. Separations, variety, and rational territoriality are necessary to evolution, and meritocracies are inevitable, but all groups need to share evolutionary knowledge---the world always gangs up on and stops the advance of any selfish occult group seeking to advance themselves alone.

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