Saturday, May 20, 2017

The popular trend of women dressing like prostitutes

Prominently displaying a very big butt has become very trendy, at least since the Kardashians. It seems mainly to be the preference of black men and women, but white women have been flocking to the cult.

Sex for sex sake, promiscuity, sexual liberation, the constant use of the F-word in normal conversation, etc. etc., this began at least as far back as Freud who more or less thought that "sexual inhibitions" from traditional views on sex cause neurosis. Now we have the popular trend of women, including young women, loudly dressing the way prostitutes dress.

All this degeneration is promoted by the Big Media, the academic world, radical feminism, etc. etc., and only fundamentalist Christians (and hated Muslims) dare to speak against it. Secular writers don't want to look like prigs or prudes so they won't touch this politically incorrect subject.

All the values and virtues that actually hold families and societies together, gender differences, monogamous marriage-making, family, patriotism, etc. have been attacked by modern popular culture, and so our societies have been falling apart.

We have to at least fight against the popular trend of women dressing and acting like prostitutes, but we don't want to go back to the way women are treated in, say, Saudi Arabia, or in the ultra-orthodox circles of Israel. Are we too far gone to even be against smutty popular trends?

We thought President Trump­ might move things in this conservative direction (in spite of his beauty pageant hanky-panky) but he is only busy enhancing the same old amoral and immoral global imperialism.

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