Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Contrary to the old idealists

Contrary to the old idealists I think the "will" is objective not subjective. The idealists and the old religious and philosophical gurus in effect considered the will evil and something that should be blocked so as to have more "objective" religious and aesthetic experiences.

But those religious experiences seem to be the subjective product of the mind blocking the desires of the body (which Buddha and Christ called for) with the resulting hedonistic bliss defined as Godly, or higher objectivity.

It seems highly arrogant of human beings to think that they are experiencing real Godhood or high objectivity because life, including human beings, must evolve far beyond the human species to reach real Godhood.

We can "experience" the material will within but that is not God, it seeks Godhood by activating life to evolve toward Godhood. This requires not blocking but paying attention to the will---here called the material spirit-will-to-Godhood---and then helping the material evolution to Godhood as best we know how.

The will is the objectively-oriented and Godhood-oriented activator of life toward absolute objectivity and Godhood. But there probably is no absolute objectivity or absolute Godhood because there appears to be no beginning and no end to evolution, only many starts, stops, new beginnings, and even many Godhoods along the way.

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